Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've been stoned before

Middle East style. If you look closely (and quickly) you can see a boy in a white shirt, he's kind of behind the girl in the red shirt on the right side of the picture, throw a rock at me. It hit me straight between the eyes and broke my $5 Iraqi sunglasses. He must have not gotten the pencil he wanted or something. I'm glad they throw rocks better than they shoot.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben!

If you look closely you can find Ben in this picture. Ben was the first in-law that I talked to and we've hit it off ever since then. I like how content Ben is to be himself, you can relax around him because he is just with you with no hidden agendas. People are drawn to him because he is a good listener and just plain friendly. Frankly I can't figure him out and I think I prefer it that way.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Egg-layers or Cinderella Story?

The Jazz are back in the series but down 2-1 against the Lakers. Every year around this time optimism dares to bloom, and every year around this time it is mercilessly squashed by reality. Someday the Jazz will win a championship and I hope I'm alive to see it.

Can't forget who keeps this blog in business

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Something that comes to mind when I think about my Mom is sacrifice. She has sacrificed for me from the beginning and still does. Just last week she spent a week with us cleaning, shopping, babysitting, and comforting. I also think of progression. My Mom has consistently improved herself. I have learned to love, forgive, and endure better from her example. I gave a talk recently about the Family Proclamation and realized again how much she fulfills the descriptions of an ideal mother. She has always put my needs above her own and I love her. Happy Birthday Mom.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I don't believe in chance anymore

We walked into church today, a little late, and Pres. Eyring was sitting on the stand. He and his wife were in town for a BYU Management something and picked our ward to attend sacrament meeting. After the planned speakers he got up to bear his testimony. He mentioned two specific things: that some of us had medical problems and some of us were living in sin and didn't know it. Ann said he looked at us (for the former not the latter I hope), and I believe her, though I was entertaining MD and didn't see. He then testified that the Savior saw the fall of every sparrow, and that we should unceasingly seek his help.

I used to think that things just happen sometimes. I knew there were miracles now and then, but for the most part I figured we were left to endure well. I have come to believe through numerous personal experiences that we're guided and cared for (not controlled) more than we think. This experience was one of those.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


US - 2
Somali Pirates - 0

Pirates attacked the US-flagged MV Liberty Sun but were unable to take it due to the crew's quick response. The ship took RPG and bullet fire but took evasive maneuvers and lost their pursuers. Some may wonder what's the big deal, the US should easily handle a bunch of fishermen turned pirates. However the pirates attack unarmed merchant vessels. I believe both of the ships attacked so far were carrying humanitarian aid for African countries, such as Somalia. Its like attacking a nun at a soup kitchen who is feeding you soup.The pirates have vowed vengeance for their killed associates, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Its good to have another hero to root for

This is Richard Phillips. For those who have their head in the sand, he is the American captain of a ship captured by Somali pirates. The pirates took the ship and then the American crew took it back. That's right, and then the captain offered himself as ransom to save his crew. The pirates took him in a lifeboat and awaited their ransom. He tried to escape twice. I'm not sure how, but twice.

When the US rescue guys thought his life was in danger three Navy Seal snipers fired three shots and got three kills, and saved the captain. (The fourth pirate had turned himself in) Yes its sad that the pirates died. Its also sad that they chose to be pirates, and chose to hijack a ship, and chose to take hostage a stud of a captain. Bottomline: US - 1 Pirates - 0


Acid reflux medicine - twice daily
Antibiotics - once daily
Enzymes - every time she eats
Salt - once daily
Nebulizer - three times daily
Thumping - after nebulization
Zithromax (I couldn't remember what this was) - once daily

This is basically the regimen for the present time. Ann and my Mom have been amazing in diligently carrying it out. I try to help too. The thumping is especially difficult. You have to thump around her lungs with a plastic thing for about 10-12 minutes. Babies don't like being thumped for that many minutes, if any. When she's about three there is a vest that we can use instead of thumping her. Its been an adjustment but all of a sudden Mary Deane is sleeping through the night and taking three hour naps. This is still a tough situation but the glass if definitely half full.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Out of the hospital!

After the results of the sweat test came out positive we headed to the hospital to meet with the pulmonologist and start treatment. We rushed over on Wednesday night. My memory is hazy; I think Mary Deane got a throat culture and we talked to the doctor but other than that I remember we had a lot of time to wonder why we didn't just come the next day.

We both slept in a one person slide-out chair, it worked because we turned on our sides. If we wanted to turn over it was a team effort. No matter where I moved one of my arms stuck out at an odd angle. After we shifted around and I found the least awkward angle for my arm we could drift off to sleep. (I snagged another chair from the hallway for the second night but they took it away before the third.)

No sooner had Mary Deane fallen asleep that first night when we heard two loud knocks on the door and a woman say 'Housekeeping!'. I think this was at 930pm, a half hour after we had finally gotten Mary Deane down for good. She woke up crying loudly. The look I gave that housekeeping lady as I shooed her out ensured that the only housekeeping we received the rest of the time was quiet and in the middle of the day.

When we checked into our room a nurse checked vitals and hooked Mary Deane up with all these wires and electrodes. I took them off before we put her down to bed because I figured she had made it this long without them. The first night we were still in shock, devastated, and confused. When someone would come in we would let them do whatever they needed done. We had nurses, pulmonary techs, housekeeping workers, meal deliverers, doctors, visitors (these were welcome), phone calls from hospital administration (which also happened right after Mary Deane was asleep, and on the loud room phone), and many other assorted hospital oompalompas.

We learned quickly and put up a sign for when she was asleep for the night or napping. After several showdowns I think we won the day because we got two decent nights of sleep and managed to keep Mary Deane on a satisfactory routine.Saturday we received the good news that we could go home. She had improved enough to justify home care.

In conclusion, either I have an attitude problem or hospital organization is ridiculous. I think they make hospitals that way so you are encouraged to do everything you can to stay out of one. That being said we did meet some wonderful people that really helped us understand how to deal with the future.

Thank you for all of the prayers, visits, gifts, and more prayers. After a rough first day of educational introspecting, therapeutic crying, faith checking, and intestinal fortitude measuring, we have felt very peaceful. I know we are just getting started but I can echo what Ann said: We can do this.

Coming next: The treatment schedule

Friendly construction workers

These guys shared some of their lunch with us. They were working on a new school I think.

A fun part of the job

On this video all I had were pamphlets, the comic books go the fastest.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cystic fibrosis

Its official, Mary Deane has cystic fibrosis. We aren't entirely sure what the future holds yet, but we are at the hospital and they're filling us in. We're still in shock that something we hadn't heard of just weeks ago is now a major part of our lives. Thanks for the support.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm surrounded by beauty

On Wednesday we take Mary Deane in for her test to determine whether or not she has cystic fibrosis. Put in a prayer for us if you get a chance.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Party at the Mangum's

Anytime you want a good time go see the Mangums. Good food, good company, good looking houses, good coloring, and anything else you could want. Thanks for letting us stay with you and good luck with the house-hunt.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New apostle

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin passed away, leaving a vacancy in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. In General Conference today President Thomas Monson read Elder Neil Andersen's name, for a sustaining vote, as the new apostle. To understand how amazing this process is click on any of the religious links on the side and look up apostles, or look at Ephesians 4:11-14. I'm grateful that we have living apostles on the earth just like we did when the Savior was on the earth.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


If anyone is really hurting from this housing crisis I think they have still have some land available in Iraq. I'm grateful I wasn't navigating.