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Last while

The FSU loss still stings. Every time they choke or embarrass themselves like that I swear off football. What is the point of not being a fair weather fan, you know? Its just a game and who wants to watch losers. My problem is that I like teams that win just enough to make you think its possible to go all the way and then crush you. It can't be healthy, in fact its emotional abuse.

Its like a TV show that doesn't end. Each episode (sport season) you get your hopes up that something will get resolved but it leaves you hanging. Thats how the money is made. Your only choice is to keep watching, in agony; find a new show; or stop watching TV.

I don't know if I can keep watching, everybody knows the only two teams worth following are BYU and the Jazz so I can't find new teams, so the third option is the most viable solution. I'm going to stop watching and pick up a book or something until they actually give me some resolution.

That is just a sample of what has gone through my head. I'm starting to soften a little, but I'm still not going to watch tomorrow's game, that'll show them. And I'm taking the fight song off of my blog.

Luckily and unfortunately we were in the hospital during the FSU fiasco. Mary Deane had the flu, possibly
that flu, and pneumonia. Her fever got up to 104. We, at least I, did our fair share of murmuring; as if MD doesn't have enough to deal with already.

So I wanted to share something that happened when we got home. We had scrambled eggs for breakfast, which we only do semi-annually, and tried to give MD some. She didn't eat it but did rub it around her mouth and it fell on her legs. A few minutes later she had rashes and hives all over, so to top it all off she has an egg allergy.

The next day at the doctor's office we were going to give her the flu vaccination and Ann brought up the egg incident. Who knew that flu vaccinations are egg-based? And that we would decide to eat them the day before her vaccination. She could have suffered a lot more than rashes if we had gone through with it.

Point being, we have felt Heavenly Father's support and love through the murmurable times. He has tried all of us while still keeping us safe. Like I've mentioned before, I used to believe in coincidences but I think He is more involved in our lives than we realize. Next time I think I'll murmur a little less.

Last while in photos

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BYU 2-0!

BYU beats Tulane 54-3, on to Florida State.

MD's driving skills

Watch out future drivers!  She talked on the phone and didn't look at the road very much but I think she has some potential; and she still has a few years to get ready.

PS Seth flashes his brilliant smile and says hi to Grandma and Grandpa

More North Carolina fun

Happy 27th Anniversary!

My parents have taught me, from their example, that marriage is important, worth the work, and fun.  I wish everybody was lucky enough to have had parents that care for each other as much as mine do.  

Monday, September 7, 2009

Quote of the Weekend

After much internal and external debate I decided that it was too good to pass up.  The quote of the weekend came from Ann while she was enjoying the ocean.  A particularly hard wave sent her flying and when she got up she said loudly, "I got knocked up!"  

BYU 14 OU 13

For those who haven't heard, the #3 team (Oklahoma) in the nation just got beat by the BYU Cougars.  Just for the record, BYU did not win because Bradford was injured, the defense just played a great game.

Bring down the BCS!