Friday, July 31, 2009

Join the resistance.

For those who haven't heard, Iran just had an election.  A quick google search should get you up to speed.  I've heard that Moussavi isn't a huge change but I think they can only go up from where they're at now.

Funny Story

I think our three-hour church schedule is taking its toll.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Katy!

We had the pleasure of having Katy stay with us for a few days.  Katy has great style, and not just the fashion kind.

She is calm and collected, she is content and is always doing something productive.
You feel comfortable around her because she is comfortable with herself.

She is a great mother/wife/listener/traveler...

I'll save some for next year.
Happy Birthday Katy.

Not a woman yet


Several blogs have insinuated that just because Katie is 18 that means that she is a woman.  Unfortunately that just can't be true because women date men exclusively and Katie isn't talking to guys yet (or so she assures me, ...somewhat unconvincingly now that I think about it).

Katie is one of MD's favorite aunts.  She is confident and fun to be around. 
She has ambition and direction, the right kind of direction.
Love you Katie,
HAPPY 18th. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good pictures

I think this picture is especially moving.  It brought up so many thoughts.  I tried to write them but I think I'll let you have your own.
I thought that this picture was funny.  Its from a strike at a factory, and the workers won't leave.  A side of South Korea we haven't seen yet.  I don't think those are water balloons.

Usually when I haven't blogged in a while it means I've been having a lot of fun

I'm not going to fix them, too much time and I don't know how to.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend Activities

We thought we had enough time to put MD down for a nap before we went to the baseball game, but by the time we made it to the stadium the game was over.

At least we have the freedom to be depressed if we want to.

The day before the baseball game we looked for a free and quick activity; and found it at the NRA Museum.

Just the lingering smell of this place will repel liberals for the next week.

We saw some of Teddy Roosevelt's extensive collection, Billy the Kid's personal sidearm, a history of the rifle (and the story of the first shot that started the USA), a ranking (according to kills) of the Old West gunfighters, and a wall size depiction of the 2nd Amendment.

I even saw an M-4, which was one of my trusted companions in Iraq.  (M-4)

What made it even better, or disturbing, was that MD kept flapping her arms, saying 'Die, Die' over and over again (her word for diaper).

Nothing says Fourth of July like racks upon racks of firearms.

(Just as a disclaimer I don't own a gun and I do believe in diplomacy--but when it fails it sure is nice to have these NRA types around)

I hope you had a Happy 4th!!!