Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day

To celebrate a chilly Columbus Day we went to Great Falls National Park. We 'hiked' (East Coast hiked, meaning flat walking) on the river trail and saw the old canal.
Some of the highlights: The gorge is really beautiful and MD saw lots of 'woo woos' (dogs - woof woofs) and said hi to lots of people.
Some of the low lights: Ann had on her BYU sweatshirt and some guy said 'Go Utah' as his initial greeting. What a horrible way to start a relationship or greet someone. I was so disgusted I couldn't say anything but Ann was very polite as we made a quick getaway.


  1. What fun. I can just hear Mary Deane now, greeting everybody on the trail. Oh, you do realize that your sister may be getting her Master's from Univ of Utah?! We may have to expand our tolerance level a bit more....hee,hee. I was babysitting some little guys the other night and they told me that only Utah State is the best in the world. :) Hugs, mom